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 Hell World

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It's well.....Hell. No other world can be linked to Hell but Baldric. We implemented this so everyone would be going to the same Nether, instead of 4 or 5 Nether's for each world. Getting to Hell is free of charge- Just be prepared! Bring weapons, tools and armor so that you can mine and protect yourself, but make sure you don't bring all your favorite items in case you get killed. A chest is a valuble item in this case, because it stores items where you died (even in lava). If you ask a GM to teleport you back to where you died, we'll just respond- "Go to Hell". We aren't the devil's taxi. We've left Hell as it is in all it's sulpheric glory. You can mine (but not build) in Hell, and all your favorite nightmares and monsters inhabit it like they usually do. You cannot start towns or buy plots in Hell. Besides, I don't think the ghasts would be too kind as nieghbors. We've disabled the ability to destroy monster spawners, but please do not destroy them in Hell, since they are so rare. Share the wealth! Fire protection might be a good set of enchantments for your armor, or you know, you could know...burn...if you know...that's your thing...

(pictures need update)

Hell World 2011-141
Instead of the River Styx, Baldric has a toll booth you have to pay to get into Hell.
Hell World 2011-150
TheWombatOfDoom has had many costumes, but none have been as appropropriate for Hell as this one. He also seems a little stuck...

Hell World 2011-143
The jail floats above a lava pool, making Alcatraz seem like a playground.
Hell World 2011-144
Gareth is the warden of jail. He's friendly long as you're a visitor.
Hell World 2011-145
Rows of cells and a cafeteria are what you can look forward to if you are sent to jail.
Hell World 2011-146
Pigmen may drop cooked meat, but you don't remember they have friends until it's too late.
Hell World 2011-147
It's easy to get lost in Hell when you're faced with vast networks of caverns, perforated with lava.
Hell World 2011-148
[center] Best be careful when you hear the scream of a Ghast...
Hell World 2011-149
...and take cover before it sees you!

Hell World Sig_mi10

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Hell World
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