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Relic is the oldest world in our server, and has been with the server from nearly the beginning. It is mostly full of the old projects and structures of our oldest server members before they departed to go to Andoria. No one but those who have been on the server from the very start have to right to have towns in Relic. You are always welcome to explore Relic and see what amazing things have been built in the world (we strongly suggest you do!). Unlike Andoria, each property is interconnected by the Subway, a vast system of railways that all meet at the central town you arrive in. If you bring a minecart, you will be able to visit any of these places with no fear of monsters. Relic is still an active world and as such you will find mobs wandering the land, so be sure to bring a good sword and set of armor if your going to explore too far into the wilderness. You can get to Relic by way of the Baldric Airdocks on the airship "The Dusk Treader".

Relic 2011-154
The Dusk Treader may look like a lot to handle, but the end of the trip is worth it.
Relic 2011-155
When you arrive in Relic, you will find yourself in Relic's capital. It hosts an abandoned library, a bank, the subway and several stores.
Relic 2011-158
Cascade, The City of Mists is always a place you can go to if you want a good story and a beautiful view.
Relic 2011-159
The Heavenly City may be abandoned, but it surely cannot be forgotten.
Relic 2011-160
Another view of the city, with it's wandering roads and sprawling towers. It is indeed a sight to behold.
Relic 2011-161
The signature dome marks the realm of a familar face.
Relic 2011-162
Some ruins you may travel long distances to see.

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