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 Town Commands

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PostSubject: Town Commands    Town Commands  EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 11:05 pm

Here i will list the commands you can use when your trying to buy plots of land in our server as well what commands you can use as a Mayor of a town.

As a resident

Map Commands:
/map (Shows you a map of the town plots near you)
/map big (Shows a bigger version of the town map)
/map on (Shows a map that will update when you walk from one plot to another, the map will not show up tell u have first entered another plot)
/map off (turns off the updating map. NOTE: If you are in Baldric and your getting an error saying that this world is not using towny, First turn off your map using /map off, before reporting it as an error to a GM)

Plot Commands:
/plot claim (Stand in a plot thats for sale. This is shown on the town map as $, you will then buy that plot as long as you have the required Drics the land is asking for and your a Resident/Ally of that town)
/plot {forsale/fs} [how much] (If you own a plot of land in a town and want to sell it so another user can buy that plot, first stand in the plot your selling and type in that command, its best to say how much you want to sell it for)
/plot {notforsale/nfs} (This will remove a plot you own from the for sale category. Stand in the plot you wish to remove from the market and type in the command)

Resident based commands:
/town [town name] (/town will show you information about the town your a resident of. If you wish to find information about another town just put the town name after like so "/town Iron_Town" you must put an underscore if there is a space in the town name)
/res (shows you information about yourself, like how many plots you own. As a commoner you can only own 6 plots of land)
/friend {add/remove} <username> (This command is to add or remove a friend to your friend list. friends have the right to build, destroy, and use items in your plot so make sure you only add trusted friends, the username does not have to be the full name but has to be the start of there name. and example of this "/res friend add thewa" will add TheWombatOfDoom to my friend list)
/friend {add+/remove+} <username> (Does the same thing as the one above with a few exceptions. 1) you need to type out the full name. 2) This is used if your friend is offline were the other command with out the + is only used if there online)
/friend clearlist (This will remove everyone from your friend list)
/friend {on/off} (stand in the plot you own and type this command it will allow or not allow friends to edit in that plot, you must do this before it will allow a friend to edit on your land)
/towny prices (Tells you how much it cost to start a town/nation and how much server upkeep cost)
/towny time (Shows how long until the day is over. 1 day is 24hours of real time, at the end of each day all Taxes and Upkeep will be collected)

As a Town Owner

[Info will be added later for this category]

As a Nations King

[Info will be added later for this category]

Town Commands  Sig_mi10
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Town Commands
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