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 Basic commands

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Basic commands Empty
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/ping (The server will reply with PONG this is to be used to make sure you are still connected to the server and have not lagged out)
/list (Shows who is online)
/time (Shows you the game time)
/money (Use this to see how much money you have, money in are server is called Drics)
/money pay <username> <amount> (You can use this command to give another player money "/money pay FePython 10000" will give FePython 10,000 Drics)
/texture (This will show you a list of texture packs you can use with out having to log out of the server. NOTE:You need to have SpoutCraft to use this command.)
/tc leave (Use this to leave a temple, remember that you can not start the temple again were you left off so its best to do this only if you need to be somewhere)
/tc ready (When your in a temple all you do is click the iron block to start the temple but if others are with you and the temple has not started use this command to see who has hit the block to say there ready and who has not)

NOTE: You will be kicked from the server if you are AFK for longer then 5 minutes, Barons are exempt to this rule (Just another amazing perk they get ^,..,^)


The compass on our server can do a lot of very useful things. Here is a list of the things it can do for you.
  1. Show you the worlds Capital (world Spawn)
  2. Points to were your last death is
  3. Show you your house (Personal Spawn, this will only show once you have placed a bed in your home and set it as your spawn point)

Now all you need to do is hold a compass in your hand and right click to switch between the different options, yep its that easy afro

Basic commands Sig_mi10
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Basic commands
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