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 Dynmap and SpoutCraft

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PostSubject: Dynmap and SpoutCraft   Dynmap and SpoutCraft EmptyFri Dec 23, 2011 2:18 am


Our server has a plugin called Dynmap. This allows people to see a dynamically updating map of our server including any changes that are made to the world, player locations, and even shows you what people are saying in the server.



SpoutCraft is a Minecraft launcher but its more than that. It allows the server to use some amazing plugins like NPCSkin so you as a user can see are town NPCs with cool liking skins. Much better then the plain skin Minecraft gives us. SpoutCraft also lets uses an amazing texture plugin. All you have to do is type in "/texture" and a menu will pop up showing you some textures we use in the server, such as the steampunk one I use and others. There are a lot of plugins we use that just get even better with spout to list a few are BookWorm, Cords, and mChat.

Here is the link for you so you can download SpoutCraft: SpoutCraft Downloads

[ill be posting a tutorial video soon and it will be here]

Dynmap and SpoutCraft Sig_mi10
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Dynmap and SpoutCraft
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