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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules EmptyTue Dec 20, 2011 11:31 pm

Here is a copy of the server rules. You also get a copy of this in the game when you first log in but just in case you lose the book (to lava or those book hating creepers) you can read the rules here as well. Very Happy

Hello, and welcome to The Realms of Andoria server! I am going to go over some of the main rules of the server that must be followed. If you do no not follow the rules given to you by this book, forum or told to you by a GM/Admin you are subject to being put in jail or banned from the server. Let's have fun and see what wonders we can create.

Before we go over the rules of the server i wanted to let you guys know of a few useful things. First our server uses a plugin called Spout, or SpoutCraft. To enjoy this server to the fullest we recommend you download SpoutCraft and update it to the latest recommended build. This will allow you to have some added features such as reading books (like this one) on your screen and not in the text field. Switch your texture pack to some of our server recommended ones by using /texture or seeing our lovely NPC shop owners in their true get ups, (rather than them all looking the same).

We also use Dynmap which is a dynamically updating map you can view on the web anywhere. This is helpful to see who is on, where you are located in the world, what has been build on the server as well as see towny borders. The link will be below as well as links to the Server forums and youtube account. Hope to see you there.


Basic Rules:
1.) Don't be rude to others in the server, if someone asks you to stop, then do. We are trying to make a fun community server here. ^,..,^
2.) A GM/Admins word is law.
3.) Griefing of any form is not allowed.
4.) No modding. The only additions to gameplay will be provided by us. Leave the modding to the Admin. If you have any that you'd like to have added you can suggest them in the forums.
5.) No spamming the chat.
6.) No advertising other servers.
7.) Be creative and interesting in your builds.
8.) "Let the landscape incorporate you not the other way around" -TheWombatOfDoom, what that means is try to preserve the natural look of the world not steam roll over it.
9.) Please keep profanity to a minimum, and we have a zero tolerance on trolling. We have a variety of ages entering the server, so please try and be mindful of that.
10.) Have fun!

If you observe someone breaking the rules, let a GM or Admin know so that we can deal with it, and fix what they did. You can do this by typing in /report <username> <description> if you don't know their name just type ! in place of the user name.

Additionally, if a GM is on, don't ask them to do special favors. This includes teleporting you, spawning you

The wilderness is any plot (32x32) of land that is not owned by a town. Monsters spawn in the wilderness, and it is a PvP zone as well so make sure to watch your back (or have someone you trust watching it for you ^,..,^). On that note, yes we do allow PvP but don't go overboard - we will penalize you if you start becoming a problem to the people of Andoria (See Rule #1). We don't need bandits killing people left and right. Since it is a Mob zone - zombies, creepers and endermen and more roam the vast wilderness looking for their next victim. There are roads in the wilderness that will lead you to all the towns set up in the server. They are not protected from monsters, but they will lead you to safety. Also, if a creeper blows up an area in the wilderness, that area will regenerate.

The server's currency is called a Dric (a shortened version of the name Baldric), and any amounts smaller than one Dric are called a rune. You can see how much money you have by typing in the chat- /money.

Towns are areas that have been bought by a user that is of the Baron ranking. They are PvP free and Mobs cannot spawn within the town borders. You also have the right to buy plots of land for any town you are a resident of. You start in the server as a resident of Stallon and may start buying plots of land that are for sale by using /plot claim in an area listed for sale. You can only be a resident of one town at a time. To leave one town to join another type /town leave. You should make sure that the town you want to join has room and knows you wish to join them before leaving Stallon by posting on the town thread in the forum. You can see information about the towns on our forum as well as if they have room at all for you. Be sure you take into account any rules towns may have and how to join their humble (or not so humble) town.

Our server is separated by ranks. You start off on our server as a Serf. Serfs can't do anything on our server but they can explore and see what others have created. This is to protect the server from the common griefer.

The next rank is Commoner. To become a Commoner all you need to do is sign up on our forum and fill in the required information to request being a Commoner on our server. Commoners have the right to build in the wilderness and plots of land they own. They can also rent shops in Baldric to sell items, as well as buy art plots in Estrada.

When you have played in our server and feel ready to move out of Stallon and own a town you first need to be a Baron. To become a Baron you need to go to the Mayor. He is located in the capital city of each world, so in the world Andoria he is in the city, Stallon. It costs 100,000 Dric's to become a Baron. Barons have the right to start their own town anywhere in any survival based world that has not already been claimed or is too close to another town.

The final rank in our server is the rank of Lord. Lord is the rank designated for Admins and GM's in the server. Currently the only ones to have this rank are FePython, TheWombatOfDoom, and MajesticWind. There is no way to purchase this rank like you can with barons. The only way you can become one is if the Admin upgrades you to this position. Currently we are not looking for any additional GM's, so please refrain from asking to become one. However, if the server grows large enough to need more GM's, we first look at candidates who have been active on the server, help others in learning the commands for different features, and don't cause problems on the server, among others.

If you have any questions feel free to ask ^,..,^ Any tutorials or extra information can be found on the YouTube account or on the forum.

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PostSubject: my friend was banned and wants to know why he was banned    Server Rules EmptyFri Jul 13, 2012 7:31 am

he was playing on andoria and he tells me he was banned by the wombat of doom (his names zeek1041) im not asking you to unban him he probably deserved it for something i want to just know why he was banned so i can tell him thank you for your time
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Server Rules
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