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 (LWC) Locking Doors, Chests, Ect.

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(LWC) Locking Doors, Chests, Ect. Empty
PostSubject: (LWC) Locking Doors, Chests, Ect.   (LWC) Locking Doors, Chests, Ect. EmptyTue Jan 24, 2012 12:39 am


To make an existing chest a private chest pick up the existing chest and place it down again. This will make it locked. Same goes for double chests. You can break open one side of an existing double chest and then place a chest connecting to it to lock both, if you'd like to save time.

Wooden, Iron and Trap Doors:

Basic Lock - To do a basic lock on your door you need to type /cprivate and then left click the door.
Password Lock - To make the door password protected you need to type /cpassword [password you want] and then left click the door. However! If you have already done a basic lock on the door, you will need to modify it using /cmodify password [password you want] and then left click the door. Now if you want to unlock the door for yourself, just type in /cunlock [the password] and you'll be able to now open that door.
Public or Unlocked - /cmodify public or /cpublic allows you to set something to be open for anyone to access, but makes it so no one can lock it themselves using this pluggin. It is recommended that any object that is lockable (such as chests, dispensers, furnaces, ect. be set to at least this if you are not locking it so that no one can mess with it using the pluggin. Know it is illegal to set someone else's chest to private for you on their land, so any who do know you will be jailed or more likely banned for doing so. We have a very low tolerance for this.

Fence Gates:

These are not protected by this pluggin, so use a door instead if you need to lock something that has a fence gate.

Other Items:

Furnaces and Dispensers act like chests. When they are placed they are protected. So these will also need to be re-placed to make private.

Pressure Plates do not activate doors that are locked, but buttons, levers and redstone does.

Other Commands:

(left click the item desired after the command has been typed)

/cinfo - Tells you the locking details of the item you have left clicked.
/cmodify -[player] - This allows you to remove a player from the permissions list to access a locked item.
/cmodify [player] - This allows you to add a player from the permissions list to access a locked item.
/cmodify t:[town name] - This allows you to make an item locked to all but who are in your town. Make sure if your town has spaces to put an underscore where the space is.
/cremove - This removes a protection from an item
/lwc - This gives you a list of all the commands for LWC in game.

Link to the video explaining this pluggin below:
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(LWC) Locking Doors, Chests, Ect.
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