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 Town Posting Rules

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PostSubject: Town Posting Rules   Town Posting Rules EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 4:41 am

Hey, so your finally a Baron and have started your own town, now you wish to show off the amazingness that is <your town name here>.

Topic Title: In the title for your new topic you need to put in the name of your town you may also put your name there to (example of this "Iron Town, Mayor FePython"). If you started a nation you can post it like this "Town, capital of Nation" if you wish. (example "Stallon, Capital of Amura")

In the message body you should post information like the ones listed below.

  1. Town name (yes your title says that but its not a bad thing to have here too)
  2. Story or Description of your town. If you're one who likes putting a story to things you may put the background story of your town here. You can also just describe your town, the look you're going for and all that kind of information.
  3. Rules: It's always a good idea to explain the rules of your town as it's yours you can set it up how you like and if people don't follow your rules you have the right to give them the boot. However, you may not make up rules on the spot to suite your needs. If you remove someone from your town and they complain to a GM we will look here to see if you stated the rules they broke. If you have not stated a this rule, you're likely to be jailed so its best to list all rules for your town in your post as clearly as you can so there is no misunderstandings.
  4. Openings: Is your town open for people to join and buy plots of land? If so you should let them know by saying how many openings your town has left. Try to keep this up to date as people who read about your town would like to know how many town spots are left, and if they can join.
  5. Embassy Plots: These is how many plots you have for that are set to Embassy. Embassy means that anyone even if there not part of your town and buy that plot. (its a good idea to make these more expensive)
  6. How to join: You should put info on how they can join your town. Would you like them to post a request here on the forums (that's recommended) or do you have another way you wish for them to get a hold of you and request to be apart of your town.
  7. Plot Cost: How much will it cost someone to buy a plot of land in your town? Remember the cost of a plot of land in Stallon is 15k Drics, its a good idea to try and compete with it. Also you can set up your plot cost by typing
    Quote :
    /town set plotprice <$>
    like "/town set plotprice 15000".
  8. Other: Have anything else you would like to tell people who are reading your post you are free to do so just make sure it follows server and forum rules ^,..,^
  9. Photos are always a nice thing to add, shows off your town a little more. you can also post youtube videos of your town as well if you have made them.

Here is a few examples of how town rules should look. you can also view the post are GM's have made about there towns as examples.

(Iron Town)
Town rules:
  1. You are free to build anywere within the Bio-spheres.
  2. You may not break or change the Bio-sphere in anyway with out asking the town Mayor FePython for permission first.
  3. The theme of this town is "Town of the future" so try to stick with that kinda Future/Steampunk look, THIS is not a requirement just something that you should keep in mind with your builds. as long as you follow the first 2 rules your free to do what you want.

Town rules:
  1. Build only where there is cobble flooring.
  2. Buildings must have the look or 20th century buildings, examples is houses you would find if you were walking down a streets today, or skyscrapers
  3. No Future or Medieval style buildings or art work.
  4. If your plot has more then one Cobbled off section you can build a building on each on but you may not connect them
  5. Be kind to one another

Here is a photo of the cobble plots i am talking about:
Town Posting Rules 2011-111

Now the Glass on top of the cobble plots shows were your allowed to build:
Town Posting Rules 2011-112

Just ignore the cylinder in the upper left of the photos that's not part of the example that's for something else Cool

Also don't forget to watch the tutorials for Towns in Andoria

[link will be here once video is done]

Town Posting Rules Sig_mi10
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Town Posting Rules Empty
PostSubject: /town   Town Posting Rules EmptySat Jul 21, 2012 1:01 pm

When you do /town, along there's Town size:
Say Majestica: Town size: 39/67 [Bought: 17/800] [Home: 49,-42]

I understand that the 39 is the amount of chunks owned by the town but what is the 67? 39 chunks / 67 what?
I also don't understand the the [Bought: 17/800],
Can you explain these please.

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Town Posting Rules
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