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 How to pay your Taxes

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PostSubject: How to pay your Taxes   Fri Feb 03, 2012 2:27 am

So there has been a big change on the server dealing with taxes. Towns will no longer be paying Upkeep every day. Instead people who are in starter towns (such as Stallon) will instead be taxed every day. To see how much you will be taxed at any one time just type in the command below.

/res tax

The tax in Stallon (and all other starting towns) will be 3 Drics per plot. If you do not own a plot u will not be taxed. If you own 1 its 30 Drics a day, 2 its 60 Drics a day and so on. The money will be removed directly from your account daily (real day not minecraft day) so you don't have to worry about putting money in some account to pay or taxes or anything like that.

If you have no money to pay your taxes you will be kicked out of the town and lose your plot of land, so make sure you ALWAYS have money on hand. Now for those of you worried you don't have a lot of money lets show you how much money will give you X amount of days.

1 Iron Ingot (10 Drics) = 3 days
1 Gold Ingot (100 Drics) = 33 days (more then 1 month for a gold bar not bad)
1 Diamond (2,000 Drics) = what u start with after you buy 1 plot in stallon = 115 days (that's nearly half a year)

Why are we making this change? for a few reason 1 people who own towns some times forget to pay there upkeep (James, Eos, and Seymour1500) and there towns start reverting back to how they were before the player made them. Not fun and its not really there fault they just forgot to do /town (to see how much they had) and /town deposit <money> (to put money into the town) and we felt that was unfair to them as they worked so hard already to make there town they should not be punished for it. Where there are plots in Stallon where players have started it worked on it for 1 week and never been back on. Why should they have a plot that never dies yet a Baron forgets 1 day and loses everything? So this is why we are making this change.

Oh and for those of you starting your own town you can also set up a plot tax. All you do is type in this command:

/town set plottax <$$>

Now remember towns like Stallon are 3 Drics a day so its best to go lower then that if you wish to get people interested in your town. One more thing you Barons who wish to have people in your town who might be a member of another town. You can set your plot as a Embassy plot that means anyone who is an ally in your town (all towns are at first unless u decide to leave the nation) that way anyone can buy that plot all you do is stand in the plot you wish to change, put it up for sale /plot fs <$$> then change it with /plot set embassy and now not only people of your town can buy that plot but also your allys (even Mayors of other towns can buy them if they are your ally)

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PostSubject: Re: How to pay your Taxes   Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:31 am

So is it 3 Drics per plot a day or 30 Drics per plot a day?
When I say a day is it a Minecraft day or real time day?

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How to pay your Taxes
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