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 Stallon, Capital of Amura

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PostSubject: Stallon, Capital of Amura   Stallon, Capital of Amura EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 9:36 am

City: Stallon

History: After the Great Rift of 2980 OW (or Old World) many of those that inhabited the lands of Relic fled to find a safer and more hospitable place to call home. They loaded their belongings and boarded the last of the air fleet that had once ruled the skies of Relic - The Airship "Grand Dawn". Those that stayed in Relic wished the travelers luck, and watched as they flew out into the distance. It would be a long time before they would see each other again. The damage to the land was greater than the traveler's feared. First they had to escape the endless night the ash cloud had created, plaguing the land with hostile monsters. The land below had also been ravaged by the disaster, plains dropping off into cliffsides, oceans turned into mountains. The land seemed to defy reason. After months of travel the last signs of damage had been left far behind, and the refugees of Relic began looking for a new place to call home. The new land they had come to they viewed as a New World, untouched by the disaster that had occured across the sea, and had forests and mountains larger than any they had ever seen. They named this new world Baldric. However, before this new world could be explored much, The long months of continual travel had taken it's toll on The Grand Dawn. As they were inspecting a potential spot to settle, the engines in The Grand Dawn one by one shut down, and the last ship of the Great Relic Airfleet plummeted to the ground. Several died in the crash, and the survivors had no choice but to call the mountainous area they had abruptly landed in home. Anything salvagable in the remains of the airship were quickly rescued and used to begin making Badric their home, starting the calender anew. It was the year 0 NW (NW for New World), and a new age had begun.

Many years passed, and Baldric became a flourishing place of trade and business. Baldric rose to an era of technology alike to how it was in the old world of Relic, and a port and air dock were made to accomidate travel. Several explorers set out to the surrounding areas in search of more places to settle. To the east, Andoria was descovered, a fertile and beautiful land. A port was made there to connect to Baldric, and the town of Stallon was born.

By the year 186 NW, word passed through the lands that Badric and its surrounding lands were a place of opportunity and beauty. Many adventurers flocked to Andoria in search of land and riches. This brings us to the present. The rest of this story is up to you. Let us see how this new chapter turns out...

  1. The plot you buy must have at lest 1 road going from it to the center town.
  2. You are exempt from the road rule if your plot is one of the ocean plots (as you cant really make an easy road to town in the ocean lol)
  3. Your road must be made of the same material as the main road your connecting to (Forest = Cobblestone, Desert = Sandstone or cobble)
  4. A GM has the right to add roads to your land to help others connect to the main road.
  5. You may only move the roads a GM has placed to another location as long as it still connects the road to the main road. (so if your building a home and the road a GM has placed earlier is in the way you have the right to move the road to a better location but you may not disconnect the road completely it still has to connect point A to point B in some way.) if you need help with this you may request a GM to move the road for you.
  6. Be creative with your structures so that its not just dirt buildings or a stack of a resource.

Town Tax: 30 Drics per day.

Town Photos:
Stallon, Capital of Amura 2011-113

Stallon, Capital of Amura 2011-114

Stallon, Capital of Amura 2011-115

Stallon, Capital of Amura 2011-116

Stallon, Capital of Amura 2011-117

Stallon, Capital of Amura Sig_mi10

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Stallon, Capital of Amura
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