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 Hidden Switches

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PostSubject: Hidden Switches   Hidden Switches EmptyFri Mar 02, 2012 10:23 pm

Tired of people flipping every switch in your room, and they end up finding all your secret passages? Well fret no more! We now have hidden switches! To make a block a secret switch you'll need to place a sign on the opposite side of the wall you would be clicking to trigger it. Under the sign, put a lever. This lever will switch when you hit the secret switch block.

On the sign, you can type several different things on te sign depending on what you want to do. In these examples, be sure to type in the square brackets where you see them, as they are needed for this plugin to work.

Line 1:
[hidden] - Creates a basic hidden switch. You can right click the secret switch block with anything and it will activate.

Line 2:
On line 2 you can type in a person's name to make it a private switch only for one person. So if you would like to lock it for only you to use it, you can do so. You can't put more than one on the line however. To get around this you can set up a line of secret switches with one for each of the people you want to be able to access the area. Be sure to spell the name correctly or it won't work (Caps sensative).

Line 3:
On this line, you can write what you want to use as the "key" to your door. You can make this a stick, or a piece of redstone, or a bone...whatever you want. Just type it on the 3rd line and you're good to go.
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Hidden Switches
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