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 Iron Town, Mayor FePython

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Iron Town, Mayor FePython Empty
PostSubject: Iron Town, Mayor FePython   Iron Town, Mayor FePython EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 10:26 am

Town Name: Iron Town

Town motto: It may be rusty, but hell does it look cool.

Town History: Late in the spring of 1284 NW (Standing for New World) a young explorer by the name Iron Python decided it was time for him to see the world. After years of exploring he finally stumbled upon a vast sea far to the west of what would soon be the town of Stallon. A vision came to him then of a land of the future- a place where one could make lovely creations all in the safety of Bio-spheres. He soon went to work creating his master piece a interlaced network of Bio-domes, supporting one another through connected walkways. Naturally, he named the town Iron Town which suited the town quite nicely. Most of the history of the start of Iron Town is sadly lost, mostly due to water damage. Then again, that is to be expected when you build a town over the sea....

Town Photos:

[will be added soon]

Town Rules:
  1. Must build with in (as in not out side ^,..,^) the Bio-domes that are in each plot
  2. If you own 2 Bio-domes that are connected on once side you may request FePython to merge the two domes making it one (up to 4 domes may be merged if you own each one and they are touching one another)
  3. You may not modify any part of the Bio-dome with out first getting approval from FePython. This includes removing the glass or stone that was part of the original dome construction
  4. The only part of the Bio-dome you may modify is the flat layer that is part of the Dome floor,. If you do not understand what part of the Dome that is you may ask FePython of a resident of Iron Town to explain it to you.
  5. Try to stay with the Steampunk/Future look, you are free to build whatever you like but FePython has final say on your project if he feels it does not fit the theme that he is going for.
  6. Have fun, be kind and lets see what amazing things we can create ^,..,^

Openings: For right now there are 0 openings in Iron Town. Don't though im working on adding more Bio-domes to the town so that People can start moving in so if you wish to join Iron Town, watch this topic (button at bottom of page) to be notified on any new developments.

How to Join Iron Town: If you wish to join Iron Town post a reply below requesting to join our town. I will be adding people to the town in the order that the posts below. Don't forget you must first leave Stallon before you can join my town. To do so type the command below
Quote :
/town leave
Its best to do this after you have herd back from me, saying you are free to join Iron Town. Don't want you to leave Stallon only to find out i don't have any plots for sale in Iron Town. I will let you know if your joining Iron Town by replying to your post here so make sure you check the forum to see if you have been approved.

Town Upkeep: 1 Dric a day
Plot Price: 5,000-8,000 Drics

Iron Town, Mayor FePython Sig_mi10

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Iron Town, Mayor FePython
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