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PostSubject: Engeos   Engeos EmptyThu Mar 08, 2012 11:55 am


The town for the average people. If you're fairly new to Minecraft and still need to practice a little, it's ok in Engeos!

1. Please don't claim too many plots (+5). I made them cheap for new players joining the town and not for that one player who claims 20 just because they're cheap!
2. Don't kill or steal other peoples' animals.
3. Try your best to build nice, neat buildings.
4. Follow all the normal rules of the server (of course).

The town has plots on sale in the forest and in the tundra (snowy biome). I'll be adding plots to sale in Geldos (the mountain town).

There are embassy 2 plots on sale in the town (forest and snowy). The plot prize for an embassy is 10,000 Drics.

The command to join town is /town join Engeos but you have to leave your old town first!

The plots are sold at 2,500 Drics each and the current daily tax is 0.

MSG me if you have any questions!
Engeos 2012-010
The picture shows my texture pack
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