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 Cascade, City of Mists - Relic

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Cascade, City of Mists - Relic Empty
PostSubject: Cascade, City of Mists - Relic   Cascade, City of Mists - Relic EmptyThu Dec 22, 2011 4:15 am

Town History: The fabled City of Mists is found through the annals of history. It seems to predate that of Relic's written history entirely. Where nations rose and fell, the city gleamed and grew. Origins of the city are debated emphatically by scholars and scientists alike. Legends say that the Keep of Cascade, the center of the city, was carved out of a great mountain that once rested there. Others say that only parts of Cascade, City of Mists, are alike to the original. That the city has fallen several times, and on its ashes been rebuilt under the same name. Some say it is the birthplace of the people of Relic- that all people are descendents of once dwellers of this ancient city. What of these are true or false is disputed, but all argee that the city is incredibly old. As long as there have been people in these lands, there has been Cascade and its mists.

In recent history, Cascade was the all but wiped off the map after The Great Rift of 2980 OW. The Great Rift was a violent eruption from several mountains in the region which sent plumes of ash into the sky. These eruptions caused earthquakes that created large rips in the earth. These rifts drained oceans, made new mountains, collapsed old, and filled in fertile valleys with liquid fire. The great forests of Relic burned without mercy, and the seas boiled. It was a horrifying time for those that dwelled in Relic. Whole cities vanished, what seemed eternal suddenly had vanished overnight. Chaos reigned.

Most of Relic was abandoned after these events. Most flew off on the last Air Ship of the Relic Empire, The Grand Dawn, to search for safer lands to call home. The citizens of Cascade were the sole individuals to remain. The people of the city were empowered by the legends that the City of Mist would never die. After several decades, the ash began to settle back to the earth and the people of Cascade began to rebuild. Much of the land turned white as if with snow, but in actuality, it was ash that blanketed the land. Instead of clearing the ash, Cascadians used it. They mixed it into the mortar. They used it to thicken their paint. They used it to fertilize their crops. Slowly but surely, as more uses were found, the land around Cascade began to come back to life. It is ironic indeed that the ash that almost destroyed the world was now being used to rebuild it. They cultivated forests and irrigated the plains. The few animals that remained were rescued and were bred to repopulate the wild, and provide food for the city.

Starting in 3148 OW, Cascade is being rebuilt. The castle itself sat atop one of the many mountains that had erupted during the Great Rift, and much of it had been ruined. Now it is once more nearing completion, though much is still left to be done. The City of Mists was also left to ruin. The new city structures are all white, due to the use of ash in their creation. The white stands for rebirth and new life. Amazingly, much of the waterfalls that existed before The Great Rift were still flowing. Cascade, named for its waterfalls, has always used them as its symbol, and quickly restored the damaged falls to their former glory. To the joy of Cascade, contact has been restored between the people that fled to Baldric and Relic. During the reconstruction of Relic, enough resources were found to make an airship. It first was used to assist in rebuilding, and since the last airship to inhabit Relic was named the Grand Dawn, they found it fitting to call this ship the "Dusk Treader". This represented the end of the dark times, since the "Dawn" had marked the beginning, now the "Dusk" would end it. Amazingly, contact with Baldric was made in 3156 OW, and the ship became the link between Baldric and Relic, uniting the two peoples once more. Now, in 3170 OW, times are good, trade is strong, and a new era is upon us. The age of ash is over. The age of redemption has begun.

Residents: Anwaien, TheWombatOfDoom

Town Photos:
[will be added soon]

Town Rules:
1. Any chest that is within the city limits is not to be used or taken from unless it has a sign giving permission to do so above it. Most have been locketted but even if they have not, visitors must follow this rule.

2. Do not destroy any blocks to get through to other areas. It does not matter if it replaces as soon as you destroy it. Areas that have been blocked off from people have been for a reason, such as there isn't a way back out and you become trapped.

3. While I am a GM, Cascade is naturally made. I have not created any of the materials with GM powers, nor used GM powers in the assistance of building. Any who assist in building or donating resources should remember this detail when trading or assisting in anyway. I'm not made of money, nor will I spawn items for you in return for assistance.

4. Any resources gather in the town will be used toward the town and not personal use.

5. All buildings should follow the theme of the town.

6. Normal rules of server apply here.

Openings: I will never be the listing number of openings for the town, as my town works a little differently than most. We currently just like looking pretty, but the town is always looking for those that would like to join the cause. Right now, any white wool you have will be bought up before you can say holy bald sheep batman! If Cascade ever gains

Joining the Reconstruction: If you really want to live in Cascade, there are a few things to know. First of all, I have a vision for the whole of the city limits of Cascade. So if you are joining, you would be working with me toward that image. You can still be creative with what needs to be done, just make sure you're building to the design. In addition, in order to become a resident of Cascade, I need to trust you entirely, as you'll be able to use my resources, know my secret areas, and have the ability to destroy things I've spent months creating. Cascade is my "Minecraft life's" work, and I'll not risk it easily. However, if I like what you do, and you earn a good repport on the server, I will contact you offering an invitation to join my city.

Plot Price: Your first born child. Or an invitation from me.
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Cascade, City of Mists - Relic
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