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 Server Events and Games

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Server Events and Games Empty
PostSubject: Server Events and Games   Server Events and Games EmptyThu May 24, 2012 2:59 pm

Server Events and Games

Every once and awhile the server hosts Events and "GM Games" for those on at the time to play. Occasionally these games are close to holidays, or when there are a lot of people on, but honestly, it's whenever we feel like it at the time. It could be every day or weeks between one and the next. They're fun, and often get you very nice rewards for playing, and especially winning! Many games are simple, others are complex. Feel free to make up your own games to play and host! If we like it enough, we might add it to the list!

Anyone smell that? - Players start on a 1 thick platform of wool. The wideness of the platform varies depending on the amount playing. A GM then lights the bottom of the platform with fire, and the last one still on the platform is the winner! Take care not to burn to death, fall, or get knocked off during the hustle! Also beware of TnT that might be strewn underneathe the platform! A variant is players must climb a tree to escape a fire, and the first to the top or the last surviving climber is the winner.

Server Auctions - Server auctions are times when you can bid Drics on a chest full of items. Sometimes it is all one item, sometimes it is a variety of items. Those who wish to join the auction head to the Baldric Town Center, where the auction platform appears. From there, a chest is announced and the the members try to outbid each other in order to win the chest. Sometimes users have pooled resources toward a certain auction item. Bidding increments are only allowed to be in factors of 10 so that someone can't bid 1 Dric more (because that just gets monotonous). Further, if you bid higher than the person before you, it must be at least 10 Drics more than the earlier bid. The first number you say is the number you bid. Taking back your bid may result in ejection from the auction. If a mistake was made in typing it, that will be dealt with on a case by case basis but take care in what you type! If two people both bid a certain price, the first person to have said it in the chat is the one who gets the bid. Users can also participate in the auction by hosting a box of items, however, a certain percentage of the final bid will go to the server. The rest will be given to you. Take care in what you bid on! Sometimes its worth it to purchase it at the store instead!

Capture the Flag - A classic, this game requires a plugin to run efficently. Players break up into two teams (blue and red) and attempt to take the enemy base's flag, and bring it back to their own. When you die you respawn at your own base. Often, weapons or armor are hidden in chests throughout the map, or traps and pitfalls to hinder your progress. Currently the plugin for this game has not been updated, so the server cannot host this game. Sorry! Sad

Chest grab - A number of chests are set out in a row. Each person stands on the pressure plate in front of a chest, designating that they have chosen that particular chest. Some chests are booby trapped, and some don't have anything in them at all! It's all luck for this game, and the rewards vary greatly.

Crazy Climb - Andoria is famous for its fertile soil. So fertile in fact that it has given birth to the Giant Tree, Everest. Now that he's there, we can't let him go to waste! It's a race to the top! Whoever manages to scale this colosus first gets a bountiful reward. Take care however. Often in this race those who take their time win. The perilous drops alone can break ankles, or even cause casualties in this highly addicting maze of branches, leaves and victims the tree has snatched up as it grew.

Hide and Seek - An old classic, the game is great to play in areas with lots of caves, or a twisting town with lots of buildings. Usually this has been hosted in TheWombatOfDoom's city, Cascade, due to the numerous buildings over a wide range. If you'd like to host a hide and seek game, be sure to get lots of hidey holes in, but also make it pretty or creative to look at. Who just wants holes in the ground? The person who is the seeker faces a wall at the edge of the hide and go seek area while everyone else goes and hides. After 3 minutes, the seeker goes looking for everyone. The last person found gets a prize and the first person found becomes the new seeker. Make sure that the seeker has their display off so they can't see people's names! Make sure if you're hiding you don't go out of bounds or you don't win at the end of a round. Players that have been found should wait at the starting area, so as to not give other players away.

Holidays - During holidays, sometimes the server hosts a themed event in honor of the holiday at hand. Often there is many free things given out during these times, as well as games and decorations. This doesn't mean we do every holiday! Sometimes we do holidays around the day, not on the day, so as to not distract from any real life celebrations.

Mob Melee - Random mobs are spawned in waves, and it is your job to kill them! Often the winner is determined by ammounts of loot gathered from the Mobs, but other times its just fun to fight the waves as a team! This game is good practice for dungeon crawling or Mob hunting in the wild, as well as team building! Most of the time the experience is reward enough, but sometimes the GM's are feeling extra generous!

Obstacle Course - The GM's have created an obstacle course for members to traverse. Each begins at a starting area that is fenced off from the rest of the course. When the fence disappears, players race to get to the end of the course before the rest. Whoever picks up the flower at the end of the course first is the winner. It should be noted that each player has their own course, so there is not interference between players. Disputed ties will be decided by Hawkeye, which identifies times actions happen on the server. GM's can look up who broke the flower first, right down to the millisecond.

Puzzle and Adventure Maps - Once in awhile, the server hosts special maps for it's members to play on. Some have been added to the server from a build made outside of the server, and some have been custom built by the GM's. Additionally, TheWombatOfDoom occasionally will host a puzzle map he made in Halo: Reach, offering anyone who solves the map will get a certain amount of experience and diamonds. No challengers have solved these puzzles yet.
.......The maps available to play currently are:
.............................Single Player-
........................................None available at this time.
...................Halo: Reach-
.............................Single Player-
........................................Your Worst Enemy - A puzzle course that will test your wits as well as your knowledge of power ups. This puzzle hosts a variety of traps and challenges. The checkpoints located around the map will prove invaluble as you progress and the puzzles get deadlier. This map is ranked at: Hard.
........................................Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - A puzzle meant to tickle your nostalgic bone, this map is modeled after its namesake game from the N64, this puzzle map hosts 5 temples that are solved in the same order as they would be in the original game. These temples are in areas that apply to their titles and hold powerups you will need to obtain to enter the next temple. At the end of each temple is a territory that needs to be captured and an explosive that when destroyed, will open a respawn point so that when you die you start at the end of the last temple you completed. This map is ranked at: Very Hard
........................................Your Worst Date - The puzzle map is for two people to play. Players must work together to get items, scale obstacles, and spot passages in this challenging yet fun course. Puzzles require complete cooperation and several checkpoints have been placed for the players benefit. This map is ranked at: Hard

Riddles and Trivia - Sometimes during special events riddles are given out for people to guess. Other times a riddle is posted somewhere in Baldric, and people must find and then answer this riddle to get a prize. Trivia is usually an event thing as well, and usually pertains to the server's history, players in the server, or minecraft in general.

Scour-crow - This game usually is played in Baldric. Everyone gathers in the Baldric Town Center, and is shown the appearance of the scarecrow. Sometimes it may look different, but it usually is a fence post with a colored wool for the torso, a jack-o-lantern for the head, and fence gates for arms. Other times it may be something other than a scarecrow, such as a yeti or ender yeti. Whatever the case, the scarecrow is hidden somewhere in the world of Baldric, and players must then scour the landscape searching for it. The GM's running the game will vanish so you won't be able to see them on the Dynamic Map as they place the scarecrow. The first person to find the scarecrow wins!

Settler's of Catan - Yes! You heard me right! If you haven't played this game before, it is an actual board game that we have converted into minecraft. Adding a dice roller (/roll) allowed us to create the full game. To find the rules to this game, go here: Made for 4 players, though we are working on building a larger board for 6 players and other editions of the game. Make sure you set aside time to play, this one takes some time! If you want to play this one, let a GM know!

Sheep-herding - A game with 4 teams of two (or an even distribution for each team). Each team represents a different color - red, yellow, green, blue. Each team has 10 sheep and each person has 1 wheat and one sword (for protection). The goal is to attract as many sheep as you can into your color before the gates close. There is a center area which walls disappear, as well as the dividers between each section of the playing field when the game starts. Once this happens, it's wrangling time! The center area often holds more animals for bonus points, but sometimes it might hold enemies! That is when your sword comes in handy! Sheep and other friendly animals should not be attacked at all. Do not attack other people or their sheep also. The tricky part is when there are bad mobs, you must protect the sheep from projectiles and explosions. However, when holding your sword, you can't attract sheep to you with wheat. Make sure to have a strategy with your teammate(s) or things could not end well!

Sheep-zilla - A server favorite, competitors race to sheer the giant sheep. The one with the most wool at the end of the round wins! Occasionally sheep-zilla has some interesting surprises inside, both good and bad. Can be played by as little as two and a referee, but the more people the better! Occasionally other animals are substituted out for sheep-zilla, such as Creeper-zilla, Chicken-zilla and of course, Python-zilla. All variations follow the same rules, they just have a different appearence. Do not hit or try to interfere with other players! The could disqualify you, but also, it just cuts off valuble time you could have spent trying to win!
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Server Events and Games
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