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PostSubject: Baldric   Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:12 pm


[size=16]Baldric is the central world in our server. After exiting the spawn area, you will appear in this world, and you will continue to respawn here until you make your first bed and set that bed as your spawn point. Baldric connects all the other worlds in the realm together through different means. If you want to go to Andoria, our survival world, the ship Iapetus rests in the harbour, ready to set sail. If you'd like to go to Relic, and look at the an old world the server was in (still inhabited by Doom), there is an air ship in the air docks known as "The Dusk Treader" that will take you there. A mining tunnel adjacent to the town center will take you to the Mining world (this area is still being finished, but it will be up soon! Look for it in the worlds topic.) The Observatory hosts the gateway to the Spawning area, where there are tutorials on the different Mods, Rules, and an FAQ. There's so much information there! To teleport to the Spawn world, just go look through the eye piece of the telescope. Coming soon are other worlds, like the PVP world, and possibly other themed worlds, such as a Sky World and a Winter World.

Baldric is the main hubb for commerce. All shops will be located in Baldric. This is to create one location where any user can buy and sell items without searching through the realms trying to find locations of shops. To find out what the pricing is on a certain object, go to the Stock Market and look up prices for each item, as well as their location in the city. You can find the location multiple ways. One, each item is listed as to which shop it is in. Two, below the Stock Exchange is a map of a miniturized and surprisingly accurate version of Baldric, with each store and area labeled. Another way to look for stores is to check the dynamic map. Each store is labeled with a symbol, and if you scroll over it, you can see what each name is. This is best viewed at the "from above" view. There are at least 30 Shops to choose from in the sprawl of the city!

This world also holds the location of the server's Colossium (for the Server Games and other events). Server games vary and are often spur of the moment. For more information on the various Server Games, check out the Sticky on Server Games in the Worlds section. Along the same lines, Baldric also has "Wombat's Winterland", a ski resort which has four slopes for you to enjoy. Since Minecraft has no skis, we make do with minecarts! (currently this is still being worked on!)

Baldric hosts the server's only gate to the Nether (since Baldric is the only world with a Nether world linked to it). This means you cannot make a functioning nether gate in your town or property. It will create a portal, but it won't take you anywhere!

Below the Wizard's Tower there is the server graveyard, where you can pay your respects to fallen comrades. Just don't get to freaked out if you see your own name in there! This plugin isn't properly functioning right now, but you can see the accumulated deaths up to when it stopped. We hope it will be updated soon so we can keep using it. There also is a few secrets amongst the graves...

Baldric is built by our GM/Admin group but may have projects set up that players can join to help shape the world in creative ways.

(pictures need updating)

An overview look at the city in Baldric.

A look at Baldric's Observatory, complete with a telescope and observation deck.

The air docks can currently take you to Relic on "The Dusk Treader" or to Estrada on "Sometime Ago".

The Baldric Harbour boasts a ship building yard, several docks, and a Pub. It also houses the boat that can take you to Andoria, "Saturn".

There are many shops in Baldric...

...which boast a wide variety of items.

The wizards keep houses potions and ingredients... well as some items you might not be able to get anywhere else.

This is the traveling salesmen. See if you can find him as he sells some very rare things indeed.

There are shop plots for sale in the town square... well as in the market building near by.

Information on various things can be found in the Ancient Library to those with a watchful eye...

...including information on the temples that dot the Baldric landscape.

The arena will be used for games such as PvP wars, and Mob battles. It will also be the location for GM games such as Find the GM and Cops and Robbers among many more.


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