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Andoria is our current survival world. This means there are those nasty mobs waiting for you in the wilderness should you chose to venture out into the wilderness.

When you first join the server you automatically become a member of the town Stallon. Once you become a Commoner in the server you can buy and build on plots of land in the town you are a citizen of. Unless you have asked to join a different town, you can only by plots in Stallon or any ally that has embassy plots for sale. Watch the Towns in Andoria tutorials on the "MrYourWilly" YouTube Channel to learn more.

In the Stallon town square, you find the docks where you sail into Andoria from Baldric on the ship, Saturn. A branch of the Baldric Bank is also located in the Stallon town square, which you can use any time to sell iron or gold ingots, or diamonds. There is also a global deposit box located inside, just like every branch of the Baldric Bank. There are also a few small shops set up in Stallon that sell items but the selection is small and they only have the most basic items. If you wish to purchase a variety of items, the best option is to go to Baldric as they will have a larger amount of NPC shops but also user owned shops, which have the most variety and more than likely lower in price than those stingy NPC's. Also in Stallon is the Mayor's house. Right now to the displeasure of the mayor it has no function and the building dwarfs in comparision to most houses in Stallon, not to mention the tree.

What tree you ask? Just sail to Andoria. You'll see. Yes. THAT tree. And in case you are wondering, the entire thing is climbable!

Andoria 2011-151
Here is the ship Saturn resting safely at the dock, ready for another voyage from the shores of Andoria to Baldric.

Andoria 2011-134
Here is an overview of the Stallon town center.
Andoria 2011-135
The bank and the only stores in Andoria are tucked into the quaint shopping district in Stallon.
Andoria 2011-136
Overlooking the town square is the Mayor's house...
Andoria 2011-137
...and within the beloved Mayor!
Andoria 2011-133
Andoria has a rich countryside just waiting to be built upon.
Andoria 2011-110
However, at night, the wilderness fills with all kinds of hostile creatures.

The world is yours to explore, buy land and create your own town as you see fit. I can't wait to see what you come up with and I'll see you there.

Andoria Sig_mi10

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